One of the most impressive Croatian national parks, Kornati archipelago consists of numerous islands. The Kornati National Parks embodies 89 islands which makes it perfect for exploring! If you decide to take a break from sailing, dive in and enjoy the untouched beauty that these islands have to offer.

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Islands of Prvić & Kaprije

If you want to spend a day enjoying the dalmatian way of living, this tour is for you.

We’ll take you to Kaprije, an island situated in Šibenik archipelago. Besides olive grows, his biggest advantage is that it has only one settlement in which cars aren’t allowed. Medoš cove on Kaprije island, a stunning beauty with crystal clear water.

The sight of Prvić is his most famous resident of the past, the croatian inventor Faust Vrančić, which is why some people call him Faust’s island. Šepurine on Prvić, a small village with numerous traditional stone houses still untouched looking like from past century.

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Islands of Vrgada & Murter

Coves with pebbly and golden sand beaches and crystal clear sea are the long-lasting heritage and natural adornment of Vrgada which offer a unique pleasure of bathing and rest. The island of Vrgada belongs to the coastal part of the Zadar archipelago.

Murter sea, the large space between Šibenik and Zadar archipelago. It covers the area of ​​210 km2, surrounded by the island of Murter from the north-east, the islands of Žirje, Kakanj and Kaprije from the south-east and the Kornati islands from all other sides. The Murter sea is exposed to strong winds and sudden changes of wind as well as strong currents, which makes it great for sailing.

If you want to sail, stop for bath and rest in the sun we will show you the most beautiful coves of Vrgada and Murter archipelago.

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St. Nicholas Fortress & Island of Zlarin

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If you want to see a piece of history than join us at sightseeing St. Nicholas Fortress, a spectacular island fortress erected in the middle of the 16th century at the entrance to the canal of St. Ante, a sea passage leading to Šibenik. It is located on the south side of the canal, on the small island Ljuljevac, and is south connected by a narrow landing to the land. Not far from the site of today’s fortress before it was built, in the Middle Ages, there were two smaller towers between which a razor-sharp chain was in place to prevent unwanted ships from entering the canal. After the construction of the fort, they were demolished. From July 9, 2017, the fortress of St. Nicholas, along with Zadar’s defense system, were enrolled in UNESCO World Heritage List along with other fortresses called “Venetian Fortresses from the 15th to the 17th Century.”


Zlarin, known as green island, a combination of nature that preserves the soul of Mediterranean  a combination of olive, sea and greenery. The cars are not allowed so you can connect with pure nature. Zlarin also known for its corals, has preserved the traditional way of making coral jewels.

If you want to make a multi-day trip with us and our sailboat we are here to arrange excursions according to your wishes and our suggestions.

All options are open and feasible to make your trip unique.

Panorama Tour Sibenik


Šibenik is the oldest self-proclaimed Croatian town on the Adriatic, the capital and the cultural, educational, administrative and economic center of the Šibenik-Knin County. Šibenik was the capital of Croatia from December 1944 to May 1945. It is also significant for the founding of the Croatian Navy.

One of the most beautiful and most significant architectural and sacral objects in Croatia is Šibenik Cathedral of St. Jacob, which was placed under UNESCO protection due to its exceptional values ​​in 2000. What differs from all the other cathedrals is the unique atmosphere of light in its interior! It emerged in the urban structure of the city, it was built in the shape of a three-nave basilica with three apses, and the beginning of construction was marked by Gothic style, while the cathedral was completed in Renaissance style. One of the main builders whose skill is crafted in this masterpiece is Zadran’s Juraj Dalmatinac. Juraj Dalmatinac is also responsible for the construction of 4 wells on the same square which were the main source of drinking water in the Middle Ages.

Sibenik is a town with 24 churches and six monasteries.

Šibenik is the host of the International Children’s Festival, which since 1958 has been a kind of children’s creative work. In the beautiful ambience in front of the Old Town Hall, many children and young adults open their world of fantasy to adults and let us bring back childhood through play, illustrations, dance and performances.

Šibenik has a lot more to offer, and the walk around the city will leave you breathless.

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